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Our most popular course is the Teen Driver Program for 14-17 year olds. It includes state mandated and approved instruction in the classroom and in the car. At Rhodes, our instructors keep parents informed of student progress in class and make recommendations to ready students for the road and licensing requirements. The new State law requires that parents/guardians provide additional behind the wheel practice before their students are eligible to take the Driving Test.


For 18-25 year olds, we provide a state approved classroom course designed specifically for your age group. This course is required in order to apply for a permit or a driver's license. We have partnered with a court approved program to offer Defensive Driving for Insurance Discounts and Ticket Dismissal. Stop by our office to sign up. If you are without internet access, we can also reserve a schedule time to use one of our school computers to complete the 6 hour course. You must have court approval before you register and bring ticket or court papers with you to class.

"Behind The Wheel"

7 hours driving and 7 hours Observation

Behind the wheel instruction is the cornerstone of quality driver’s education. Students apply what they have learned in the classroom, driving laws and theory, and make immediate use of it behind the wheel of our instruction vehicle.

Professional Driving Lessons

New Drivers

We're committed to teaching new drivers to drive safely. If you have no experience - come and gain it with us.

DPS Driving Test

Call the Eckhert Location (210) 523-7483 that offers driving tests (Non-Commercial Vehicles) for information and questions. (Class C licenses) only.

Experienced Drivers

We offer a wide range of services for experienced drivers, including classes, simulator sessions and behind-the-wheel lessons.

Online Clases


Rhodes Driving Schools is the best way to keep from spending your money on fines and costly insurance increases by getting your traffic ticket dismissed.

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Our instructors will help you make constant progress and stay motivated during the lessons.

Online Driver Ed Course

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